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The restaurant at Citiheight, Ikeja guarantee to satisfy discerning palates.Guests looking for a luxury dining restaurant in Lagos can choose between our all day dining space or dinner setting.

Business meetings, private meetings, fashion/beauty pageant shows, conferences, wedding reception and seminars, Citiheight Hotel hall brings additional style and comfort to all your events.
Taking full advantage of the natural light and air conditioning, the Citiheight Hotel provide an ideal setting for every type of meeting, as well as a large number of different configurations depending on requirements.

The luxurious Conference and Meeting areas at Citiheight Hotel, Ikeja includes equipped extensive pre function areas and various sized meeting rooms, business center and an exclusive boardroom.

While you lodge with us, you get access to our beautiful poolside. While in the poolside, you can order drinks from our poolside bar, or just sit in the shade and enjoy the view.
We can also host events by the poolside, like cocktails, or more formal events. The pool area can accommodate as much as 100 persons, depending on the table setting.

Order a beer, watch a game and generally relax in our bar. While you relax, you are welcome to try our draught beer. Spend your 17:59 in our bar.
The bar is open to the public.

Stay fit while you lodge with us. Our fully equipped gym provides you the opportunity to stay in shape. Our fitness club is also open to individuals who hope to loose weight, fight obesity or recover from physical challenges.
Wether you use the treadmill, stationary bikes or weights, our gym stocks them all. The gym membership includes an instructor led aerobics class designed to keep you