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Average rating:  
 4 reviews
by femi on CITIHEIGHT Hotel

Nice ambience. Keep it up.

by Lanre on CITIHEIGHT Hotel
Very Good

A very good hotel and well maintained. This is my fourth stay in this hotel and i am well pleased with everything, The staffs are very polite and ready to assist at all times. The rooms are superb with wifi and the reception is excellent for visitors. I am particularly pleased with the manager Peter, he's doing a good job considering my fourth time in the building, massive improvement over time and is attention to details in managing the hotel. He's always available and ready to help and he will always chat you up, asking if you need any help. Lovely hotel guys.

by Tomiwa on CITIHEIGHT Hotel

I’ve gone to lots and lots of hotels but this one is amazing! Great value for price. I’ll give this hotel an A+ and will definitely keep visiting! Their staff is amazing, everything is actually.

by Tobi Michael on CITIHEIGHT Hotel
Nice Ambience

The ambience at CITIHEIGHT is lovely